Words .

Words , words can make wonders , break hearts , save souls , and finds what’s lost. words can be a killing tool , a merciless weapon that never miss , but it can also be the cure to the fatal diseases , A simple word such as “YES” can bound two hearts under the wing of love , Love another mysterious word that kill’s souls everyday . OK here’s some words that will hurt you , and prove my point : Never ; Impossible ; Goodbye ; Fake ; Enough ; Worst ; Cancer; losing; DEATH.

Published by amouri_med

Hi everybody , welcome to my blog ! i'm Patrick i'm an Algerian blogger , book worm , and an amateur writer ! i love to write... so i would like to share with you my short stories , and my life experiences , cause for me life is an adventure ,even if its simple ! follow me if you're a bookworm ! and comment on my stories , i would love to hear your opinions/critics !!

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