Here I am again… facing a flawless white page , trying to have a conversation with my mind , my heart , and my soul to skip reality for a moment . Nothing is wiser than a white page in a rainy day , oh the answers this innocent page gives ! The advices… how it faces you calmly , provoking your thoughts to pop up ! The way It Access your brain without permission , with no hypocrisy this white page gives you the attention you deserve. , its fascinating! 
8:16 am , beautiful rainy day , I’m siting in the corner of the coffee shop , as always , enjoying my cigarette , my source of inspiration ! and thinking about how it tastes differently every single morning. For a smoker nothing’s more surprising than the first dose of nicotine that colonise his peaceful chest. What a satisfying feeling ! watching people come and goes , students with dreams , hoping to achieve something…to give their lives a meaning .Hard Workers buying money with health , old people with nothing to do but thinking about the life they had the choices they made , opportunities they missed , you can feel regret in there eyes… depressing! oh my god im late again !!! Got to go ! Always nice to talk to you page ! See u next time!

Published by amouri_med

Hi everybody , welcome to my blog ! i'm Mohamed i'm an Algerian blogger , book worm , and an amateur writer ! i love to write... so i would like to share with you my short stories , and my life experiences , cause for me life is an adventure ,even if its simple ! follow me if you're a bookworm ! and comment on my stories , i would love to hear your opinions/critics !!

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