What makes you special !?

“What makes you special ? ” wrote the philosophy teacher Mr.Barnes on the bored , challenging us with he’s famous look , “who could answer such a question at 8.00 am in the morning !” i thought , and he looked me right in the eye , as if he heard clearly my thoughts , the room was silent , we feared him , the kind of fear that born from respect, he was strict like a soldier, ponctuel like a watch , he browsed the classroom for a brave enough student to stand up and speak , no body did , ” Every one of us , thinks he’s special , he’s not like the others , every time we see a homeless guy , we look at him with empathy in our eyes , no one thinks that he can end up just like him ! no we all think that we’re Superior, we’re the hero in our stories , But are we really ? are we heroes ? are we special enough to not end up forgotten on the cold streets , are we special enough to not get thrown away from this game called life !

Published by amouri_med

Hi everybody , welcome to my blog ! i'm Mohamed i'm an Algerian blogger , book worm , and an amateur writer ! i love to write... so i would like to share with you my short stories , and my life experiences , cause for me life is an adventure ,even if its simple ! follow me if you're a bookworm ! and comment on my stories , i would love to hear your opinions/critics !!

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