Forgotten blessings.

Doctor. George was often called the master ,the teacher and sometimes the wizard due to his tall white beard . he gained a reputation very quickly for being the best doctor in the kingdom, he was able to cure every disease man kind had known . He spends his mornings in forests , hills and rivers , scouting for either rare plants , weird rocks or small strange fishes .
The king heard the stories about this man , and decided to convoke him to the castle so he can see himself what’s this commoner secret , is he a real doctor or just another pretender . So he sent him a royal invitation and asked him to come with prove that he’s a legitimate doctor . the old doctor had heard that the king was just and fair , smart and generous but very severe .
The doctor learned medicine from everywhere in the world, he spent his youth traveling seeking knowledge , The day came and the old man entered that beautifully huge castle guided by two guards to the big oval room , ahead of him was the king sitting on his throne with his consonant, and his son the 15 years old prince covered by jewels , shiny gold , and a sad face .

– ” Welcome , i thank you for accepting my invitation ” Said the king ,

– ” I’m so flattered by your attention and modesty your Majesty” replied the doctor while bending the knee for his king ,

– ” I heard a lot about you and your magical ways and strange methods of healing people , the stories about you sounded almost fictional ” said the king with an accusing tone ,

– ” it’s a good thing than my king that you are a man of field and facts !” quickly replied the old man ,” I’m none but a simple man who had a good chair of this vast world ” replied the old man defensively.

– ” So traveling ! my counselor here traveled half the world and yet he’s not even half a doctor ! ” said the king sarcastically.

– ” You have a good point your majesty .”

– ” Well as you said I’m a realistic , I’m a man of facts , go ahead and show me your metal ” yelled the king rising the temperature of the room. ” my son here is sick ! and no doctor figured out his illness , he doesn’t eat , doesn’t smile , doesn’t play outside like normal children ! ” added the king .

– ” Okay my king , i humbly accept your challenge , i didn’t come here alone ! i brought three fine men with me . may i summon them in here your majesty ? “

– ” yes you may.”

Three men entered the big oval room bent the knee showing respect for the king , ” Those my king were my patients , and thanks to god i was able to free them all from their sicknesses . Jeffrey , Chris , and the last one is Frank . each one of them have a story to tell .” said the Doctor introducing the three men he brought with him .
” I don’t see what’s this have to do with my son’s illness but i appreciate good stories . ” replied the king. ” its a part of the cure your majesty .” added the Doctor .
” good afternoon your highness , I’m Jeffrey Fray and i was born blind . i lived a life in darkness until i met Doctor.George his cure gave me back my sight , i opened my eyes to a colorful world where every shape had its color , the trees the birds even humans , i decided to travel and discover this vast world , i wanted not just to see but to admire this universe ,iv seen white black red and yellow men , iv seen the powerful sun whipping into a red death , i fell in love with colors my king , so i went to a land where they worshiped them , where there are prophets mixing colors into outstandingly vivid pictures with their angelic fingers , now your highness iv seen it all! i can close my eyes once again and instead of darkness i see peace .” Said the fine man on the right , with the weird red shirt and the colorful beads necklace.

” I my king am Chris , my story is a bit different from Jeffrey’s , i was born deaf and lived in silence for 25 quiet years ,when master George gave me back my ears, i didn’t know that everything has its own unique voice ! men animals insects birds even fire and water!! i was surprised that rain makes such relaxing sound and snow is silent , the greatest joy i felt is hearing my steps as i walk . Now my king i found a purpose for my life , i hunt and dig i explore for that magical combination of sounds called music . i discovered that every nation has its own music and songs , thanks to master George I’m now happy and grateful as he gave me not just the bless of hearing but the bless of life .” Said the short man in the middle with a positive vibe .
” Me my king , i was mute ” said the last man ” now imagine 20 years of heavy feelings all in my chest pressing my poor heart , iv been raped off my rights and couldn’t defend myself , i couldn’t tell my mother how much i loved her before she passed away , all i wanted is to scream . when Doctor George cured my tongue and gave me a voice i vowed to never tell a lie , to speak for the speechless ,and thanks to the master i speak 27 languages now ! ” added Benjamin the thin man .

     The testimony of the three men astonished the king , “tell me Doctor what do you charge for your services !? ” asked the king in a firm tone , ” This love for medicine is a talent and a gift from god your highness , I paid nothing for it that’s why i can’t charge poor people for the cure .” replied the old doctor .”and for your son my king i think i spotted the disease !” added the doctor , the king turned to his son and found him tearing . The prince understood the gifts god provided him with , he flashed back to how he never stops in the castle’s corridors to appreciate the beautiful paintings and mosaics on the walls , how he never tell his mother how much he loves her , how he never pays attention to the beautiful songs of the rare collection of birds in the king’s garden , The prince felt redeemed , the stories of the three men gave him a new perspective of life and cured his melancholy . 

The true treasure is to truly appreciate what we have . To find the hidden beauty in every ordinary day , and to give up on the superficiality that absorbs every drop of happiness and positiveness in the soul. 

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Hi everybody , welcome to my blog ! i'm Patrick i'm an Algerian blogger , book worm , and an amateur writer ! i love to write... so i would like to share with you my short stories , and my life experiences , cause for me life is an adventure ,even if its simple ! follow me if you're a bookworm ! and comment on my stories , i would love to hear your opinions/critics !!

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