When you feel unwanted , leave
When you don’t belong , leave
When those so called friends change colors quickly , leave
When you feel uncomfortable in your community , leave
When you lack the respect you deserve , leave
Leave but don’t run away.

Published by amouri_med

Hi everybody , welcome to my blog ! i'm Mohamed i'm an Algerian blogger , book worm , and an amateur writer ! i love to write... so i would like to share with you my short stories , and my life experiences , cause for me life is an adventure ,even if its simple ! follow me if you're a bookworm ! and comment on my stories , i would love to hear your opinions/critics !!

3 thoughts on “Leave.

  1. “Leave, but don’t run away . . .” Such a powerful statement at the end of what appears to be much weakness. If we leave every time life becomes uncomfortable, we will never set down roots. All places have ups and downs that change the tide of our feelings. I always try to remember, “This, too, shall pass!” The geographical cure never solves our problems, because wherever I go, there I am. A lot of my pain is of my own making. Each of us should remember that and clean up around our own back door before trying to clean someone the backdoor of someone else. Thank You for sharing! Blessings!

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