Happiness is a choice .

When life breaks your knees throwing all the heavy burdens on your thin inexperienced shoulders, dont bend .When hope leaves you in the middle of a dark silent night, dont bend .When self confidence drops out from your veins making you weak rising your self consciousness dont bend .Dont bend and cry we only bendContinue reading “Happiness is a choice .”


When you feel unwanted , leave When you don’t belong , leaveWhen those so called friends change colors quickly , leave When you feel uncomfortable in your community , leave When you lack the respect you deserve , leave Leave but don’t run away.

Forgotten blessings.

Doctor. George was often called the master ,the teacher and sometimes the wizard due to his tall white beard . he gained a reputation very quickly for being the best doctor in the kingdom, he was able to cure every disease man kind had known . He spends his mornings in forests , hills andContinue reading “Forgotten blessings.”

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